We offer multiple content creation spaces under one roof, such as living room vignettes, boudoir vignettes, kitchen and bath spaces, and an outdoor rooftop deck. The studio provides the ideal atmosphere for art, culture and community to connect. Companies can host pop ups, product launch parties, social networking events, or simply bring remote working teams together for team-building.

Aesthetically Yours is a one-of-a-kind studio, with a distinctive design that is minimalistic yet luxurious, elegant yet comfortable, diverse yet collaborative, a space that gives the feeling of a home, away from home.


about our studio

We saw a need in the creative space market for a studio that meets the needs of photographers, influencers, brands, and small businesses to create content that brings art, culture and community together. 

We saw a need in the market


You will have access to a content creator on the property, myself, Alexandra Kiladjian. If needed, I will guide you through your shoot, allowing you to take full advantage of the space. I will also be available to take content for your brand.


Pop-up Events

Launch Parties

Work Happy Hour

about the studio

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Work Events


Music Videos

Wabi Sabi Room // $75/hr

Wabi Sabi Room

Perfect for more of an aesthetic photoshoot or product shots.

2 Hour Minimum

Glam Room // $75/hr

Glam Room

Next the perfect spot for your next GRWM video or boudoir shoot? This room is the perfect balance between aesthetic and glam.

2 Hour Minimum

Studio Room // $50/hr

Studio Room

For anyone looking to take product shots, headshots, or simple photography with a plain backdrop! Lighting is available, as well as props.

2 Hour Minimum

Living Room Vignette // $150/hr

Living Room Vignette $150/hr

This aesthetic set up is a great option for creatives looking to set the scene. 

2 Hour Minimum

Kitchen Vignette // $75/hr

Kitchen Vignette

Comes equipped with everything a kitchen needs along with working appliances.

2 Hour Minimum

Rooftop // $100/hr


Enjoy a beautiful view of Venice & the Santa Monica hills! Don’t miss out on this beautiful backdrop for your next photoshoot!

2 Hour Minimum

Entire Space // $300/hr

Entire Space

This space is perfect for the creative who needs multiple vignettes under one roof!

2 Hour Minimum

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Reserve 2 rooms get 10% off
Reserve 4 rooms get 15% off

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If you’re in need for a small event space, we will be working with local catering & event planning companies to bring your vision to life. 

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